Saturday, 12 April 2014

take five

Right now my head is one big jumble of kids, work schedules, laundry, dirty windows, mice in the sofa (um, yes, it's gruesome!), friends in crisis, hopes and dreams, language classes, and some major developments for our family's future - more to come on that later!

I have great ideas for posts while dropping my kids off to school, but by the time I get home they've fizzled and I can't retrieve them.

However, according to a quote I found on the internet today, "It's not about having to say something, but having something to say."

So until something more solid comes together, I think I'll just 'take five'!

My parents sent me to a psychologist when I was around 17 years old. I was so suspicious and defensive at the first session that I don't remember much of it, but I've never forgotten the homework assignment she gave me that day - to go home and make a list of "5 things I'm good at" and "5 things I like about myself."

Back home I sat down with a blank sheet of paper, but couldn't think of a single thing to write on it!

That process helped me realise two things about myself. First, if I had nothing good to say about myself, I needed help - and second, maybe I should accept help from this psychologist after all. Her simple assignment had totally disarmed me!

So just for fun, and as a confidence booster, tonight I'm writing out two revised lists for 2014 and inviting you to do the same. Feel free to post your list in the comments section (anonymously if you prefer!). And maybe ask a friend to write out these lists for you as well - you might be surprised at what they come up with! (I've been surprised and blessed by some unexpected compliments from friends over the past two weeks ... does your soul good!)

5 things I'm good at:
- loving my kids
- listening
- writing (hmm, feels debatable at the moment!)
- photography
- cooking
- surfing the internet (does this count? I guess not. Okay ... knitting then!)

5 things I like about myself:
- compassionate
- non-judgmental
- creative
- intelligent
- wise (people keep telling me I am, but this is also debatable!)

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