dig / fly - a roadmap

We all want a happy life. And most of us have hangups. The two can exist side by side but the less hangups you have, the more room for happy - right?

I personally think we need to know how we’ve become who we are, before we’re able to ditch the hangups and find freedom and fulfilment in life. That’s where dig deep, fly high comes in.

Dig = looking into the past to find roots for those hangups and finding strategies to overcome them.

Fly =  finding happiness in the present and reaching for more in the future.

As I work towards healing from my own past, I hope to share some of the questions, insights and resources I come across; because if this is uncharted territory for me, I’m sure it is for others too. Hopefully I can help blaze a trail towards healing for a few of us!

Most of the posts on this blog will be labeled dig or fly (or both!).

Other labels will appear as topics are added e.g.
- connect (links to online media)
- faith 
- kids (parenting)
- life (miscellaneous)
- story (telling my own life story)

... and more specific labels such as:
- abuse
- eating disorders
- depression

If you’re looking for something specific e.g. recovery from sexual abuse, try searching the blog from the home page.

You’ll see faith mentioned quite often here because faith is what holds me together. Handing over the prime responsibility for your life to a greater power is such a relief! It doesn’t take away the need for ME to work at change, but it means the power to do so comes from something stronger than myself. Phew!

I'm hoping to post at least once a week - midweek - and maybe again on the weekend if inspiration strikes! Subscribing to the RSS feed is the easiest way to keep up with new entries.

Finally, if you have no hangups at all, could I swap places with you?? :-)

Thanks again for stopping by!


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