Tuesday, 10 May 2016

into the ether ... :-)

As I wrote the last post, the lines of a poem kept echoing through my mind. Back on Christmas Eve 1993 I sat in on a jamming session with a good friend - but for some reason that night the music just didn't come together well.

When I came home I wrote this poem for my friend Mo. Since then I've lost contact with her and haven't been able to track her down the times I've been home - but I did manage to track this poem down in some old computer files tonight! So I'm sending it out into the ether for her, 23 years later, with a prayer that she's okay and a wish that someday our paths will cross again.

my song   25.12.93 

My child, you came to find a song
Searching with hand and heart
For a melody
Sweet to the ear
Sweet to the soul.

My child
I am the song beyond words
The harmony beyond music
The Giver beyond the gift.

Come through the veil 
Your heart pierced and your hands
  scarred by the nails
There you will find my song.

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